27 September 2017
I have known Amanda Cassar™ for a number of years and have watched in amazement at her energy, dedication and diligence to staff, colleagues, and clients.  Her commitment to the betterment of all those she comes into contact with is clearly evident in the growth of her business and in her work with The Hunger Project where Amanda signed up for the leadership program to Uganda in 2015 and I understand again for this working trip to Africa in 2016.  Amanda is passionate about empowering women both locally and internationally.
Locally, Amanda has built a wonderful business from the ground up.  Starting in 2001, she now runs a thriving practice with 5 staff members.  Her clients receive her undivided attention and Amanda is dedicated to improving the financial situation of her clients with the best guidance possible.  In this light, Amanda continues to regularly study in order to enhance both her personal skills and market place knowledge.
She is without a doubt a leading innovator in her field and a wonderful role model.
I wish her every continuing success.